BC 4500


Length        4.5m

Beam         2.06m

Engines     40hp to 60hp Outboard

Construction options

  • Alloy plate
  • Advanced composite construction

Weight (Dry Hull)

  • Alloy construction: 600kg
  • Composite construction:400kg


  • Center Console
All BC Tech catamarans feature a unique bow shape that produces an extended waterline length and facilitates a finer entry angle thus giving the vessel handling characteristics typical of much larger vessels.

The unique asymmetric tunnel geometry generates spray at specific points inside the tunnel creating a high-density air/water vapor cushion that the hull then rides on. The result is a significantly dampened ride and reduced full consumption. Full length longitudinal steps give the hull efficient lift and dynamic stability and the catamaran hull configuration gives superior stability in all conditions. Additionally, all BC Tech catamarans feature self-draining decks ensuring superior swamping protection.

All BC Tech catamarans are designed and built to Australian commercial craft standards (NSCV). This means that if you use your boat for private use you know that the structure, stability and floatation of your BC Tech catamaran will keep you and your family safe. If you are a commercial operator you will benefit from the lower towing weight of the advanced composite construction and the increased passenger capacity of the BC Tech cat compared to a similar length monohull.


Center Console

The BC4500 features a traditional center console layout, economical single engine, built in fuel tank, built in live bait tank, built in fillet station & accommodation for up to 5 passengers. Fitted with foam flotation it complies with all Australian recreational standards.

Run rings around your monohull riding mates and experience the performance & stability only an asymmetric catamaran can offer.