About BC Tech


BC Tech is the result of a partnership between Paul Bury of Bury Design & Dax Callagher of CAD Projects Australia. Both company’s modus operandi is specialist vessel design.

We design new boats for the recreational & commercial sectors all day, every day and chances are we are the men behind the design of those boats you are drooling all over at the boat ramp.

Over an accumulated 40 years in the industry we have picked up a trick or two and stowed them away ready for use in the next evolution in boat design. BC Tech vessels represent the result of these tips & tricks we have picked up through 40 years of research & development.

The Why!

After designing vessels for many of the established manufacturers we were left feeling somewhat Handy capped by their reluctance to push the development route.  Technical advancement was not an area they needed to invest in as sales figures didn’t demand it.

This was frustrating for those of us existing on the fringe of technical development as we could see & present tangible improvements in hull forms and construction techniques that where not adopted by the established players. A common theme was why invest in making your product better if your competitors & bottom line don’t demand it.

Born of this frustration rose our unshackled brand BC Technologies here to put the innovation back into boat design & manufacture.

It takes an underdog to come into an industry and drive change and that is exactly what BC Tech is here to do.

Meet the Team

Paul Bury

Paul, has worked in the industry for over 20 years and brings extensive technical and practical experience in all aspects of modern boat design.

Before starting BC Tech, Paul was most recently chief designer at Tripp Design, USA. and before that with Wally Yachts, Italy, working primarily with large, high performance cruising boats. Paul, trained as an Aerospace Engineer, has extensive boating experience. He holds membership of Engineers Australia, RINA and is an accredited AMSA marine surveyor.

Dax Callagher

Dax, a kiwi originally and now residing in Australia is a dedicated offshore sport fisherman and spends most of his spare time on the water.

Dax sought a two tier education in the marine industry and after first completing university studies in both Engineering and Marine Design he then went onto complete a Trade Certificate in Ship Yacht & Boat Building at one of New Zealand’s premiere boatyards. He can not only design boats he can actually build them too!

Prior to starting his own design consultancy Dax has worked for many of New Zealand’s premiere shipyards and Naval Architects around New Zealand eventually ending up designing world class super yachts.

In his 15 years experience in the industry he has worked on everything from ultra light weight racing yachts, commercial ferries & specialist workboats, performance sportfishing trailer boats to 60 meter plus luxury Superyachts & everything in between.